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Going Bananas Alpha Variety & Prices... all our varieties are large, healthy and guaranteed to grown when planting and care directions are followed.

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California residents, please note a limited list of cultivars which are propagated by tissue culture and have passed California regulations for plant materials entering your state. This list is modified regularly and changes with stock availability, so check with us to see what may be ready.

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(all our varieties are large, healthy and guaranteed to grow
when planting and care directions are followed)

Variety Price
African Rhinohorn $35 Very limited
Baccarii $40 Very limited
Balbisiana $40 Very limited
Balongkaue $35 Very limited
Banksii $40 N/A at this time
Basjoo $20
Brazilian $25 Limited
Brunei * $40 N/A at this time
Burmese Blue * $40 Very limited
Cardaba $25 Limited
Coccinea (Uranoscopus) $35 Very limited
Dwarf Cavendish $20
Dwarf Namwa $20
Dwarf Orinoco $20
Dwarf Plantain $20
Dwarf Red $20
Double (Mahoi) $25 Limited
Ele Ele (Hawaiian Black) $35 Very limited
Ebon Musak $35
Ensete Maurelii $35 Very limited
FHIA 01 (Goldfinger) $20
FHIA 02 (Mona Lisa) $20
FHIA 03 $20
FHIA 17 $25
FHIA 21 $40 Very limited
FHIA 18, 25 * $25 Very limited
French Horn $35 Very limited
Goldfinger (FHIA 01) $20
Giant Cavendish $20
Giant Plantain $20
Grand Nain $20
Green Kru $35 (limited)
Green Red $35 (limited)
Hookerii (sikkimemsis) N/A at this time
HuaMoa $35 (limited)
Ice Cream (Blue Java) $20
Igcpoca N/A at this time
Jamaican Lacatan $35
Kandrian * $35 Limited
Kofi * N/A at this time
Kru $35
Kumanumba N/A at this time
Maia Maoli $40 Very limited

N/A at this time



Maqueno * N/A at this time
Malaccensis N/A at this time
Mauritius -- May sub Truly Tiny N/A at this time
Misi Luki $20
Monkey Fingers $35
Monthan $50 Very Limitede
Musella Lasiocarpa $20
Mysore $20
Nehumbahoka N/A at this time
Nino $35 Limited
Ornata's: (bronze, dusky rose, magenta, pink & red) $25 Limited
Pelipita $25
Phillippine Lakatan N/A at this time
Pisang Jari Buaya $40 Very limited
Pisang Raja $35
Pitogo $35 Limited
Popoulu $40 Very limited
Praying Hands $25 Limited
Raja Puri $20
Red Tall $25
Red Iholena $35 Limited
Rose $25 Limited
Saba $20
SH 3008 $35 Very limited
SH 3640 $25
Siam Ruby $25
Super Dwarf -- May sub Truly Tiny $20
Textiles (Abaca) $40 Very limited
Thai Black (Black balbisiana) $35
Thousand Fingers $20
Truly Tiny $20
Valery N/A at this time
Velutina $20
Veinte Cohol $25 Limited
White Iholena N/A at this time
Williams $35 Very limited
"X" (Grand Nain) Sumatrana) $20
Yangambi KM-5 $40 Rare
Zebrina (Sumatrana) $20
  • Corms or Tissue Culture plants for mail order only

  • 2 gal. containerized plants, corms and small Tissue Culture plants can be purchased on site

We have conveniently grouped banana cultivars into categories to make it easier for you to select plants which best suit your growing needs and your environment. Remember that bananas are tropical plants which means they need more TLC in cooler climates.

Hardiest Plants with Excellent Tasting Fruit:
Goldfinger (FHIA 01), Mysore, Brazilian, Praying Hands, Grand Nain, Red (Macaboo), Dwarf Red, Rajapuri, FHIA 2, Cavendish, FHIA 3, Pisang Raja, FHIA 17, FHIA 23, FHIA 02, SH3640, Kandrian

Hardy Growing Plants when "GREEN" is more desired than Fruit:
Balbisiana, Orinoco, Cardaba, Pelpita, Basjoo, Textiles, FHIA 25

Plants that are Somewhat Cool Tolerant:
Ice Cream, Saba, Basjoo, Namwa, Goldfinger (FHIA-1), FHIA-3, Mysore, Praying Hands, Orinoco, Kandrian, Misi Luki, Cardaba

Lady Finger Type (fruit is approximately 4-6 inches in length):
Mysore, Rajapuri, Nino, Reds, Brazilian, Namwa, Rose, Misi Luki

Plants with Unusual Characteristics:
Praying Hands, African Rhinohorn, Pisang jari buaya, Truly Tiny, Siam Ruby, Monkey Fingers, Pitogo, Red (Macaboo), Thousand Fingers, Eleele, Zebrina, Kru, GN-X-Sumatrana, Huamoa, Thai Black*

Ornata Types (all colors), Velutina, Zebrina, Thai Black, Musella Iasiocarpa, Coccinea, Siam Ruby

Giant Plantain, Dwarf (PR) Plantain, French Horn, African Rhinohorn

Combo: Cooking (green)/Dessert (ripe)
Saba, Hua Moa, Cardaba, Pelipita, Balongkaue, Orinoco

Polynesian Cooking & Hilahila sub-Group:
Maia Maoli, Popoulu, Hua Moa, Red Iholena, Kandrian

Seeded Varieties:
Balbisiana, Textiles, Hookerii, Zebrina, Basjoo, Velutina

Popular & Favorite Dessert Bananas:
Mysore, Goldfinger, Pisang Raja, Namwa, Nino, Brazilian, all Cavendish, Misi Luki, Rajapuri, Red (Macabo)

The following varieties are among the rare and limited varieties as well as others noted: These may change often during the year so check with us as to availability.
FHIA 21 & 23, Pisang jari buaya, Hookerii, Namwa, Monthan, Balongkaue, Textiles, Yangambi - KM-5, Nehumbahoka, Ebon Musak, Brunei, Aeae, Siam Ruby, Maia maoil, Popoulu, Viente Cohol, Thai Black*( now called Black Balbisiana)

Ele EleAlthough our plants vary in size, you can be assured they are larger and stronger than other companies that use production-line selections. We strive to give you the best possible plant material and guidance for maintaining your new acquisitions. Call or email with questions, concerns or progress reports on your banana plant collection.

(305) 247-0397 or email  

Growing instructions are provided with your order. If followed you can enjoy the fruits of your labor in about 14-24 months from planting (in warm areas). We guarantee our plants and will replace any that fail to grow as long as growing instructions are followed (limited number of replacements allowed) You pay for only shipping & handling. If not satisfied with your order on arrival, return within 24 hours of delivery and we replace or refund the amount.

Shipping Charges:
Florida Residents:
1 Plant: $8.95, Each additional item: $3.75
Eastern States: (located East of the Mississippi River)
1 Plant:  $9.95, Each additional item: add $4.50
Western States: (located West of the Mississippi River)
1 Plant:  $10.95, Each additional item add $4.95

Note: We do not accept credit cards at this time.

California residents, please note a limited list of cultivars which are propagated by tissue culture and have passed California regulations for plant materials entering your state. We are adding more constantly, so if the ones you want are not available, be patient... They are coming.

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