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Going Bananas

CHAFIN'S Incredible,
Unforgettable Bananas...
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Going Bananas Specials

Since our previous year’s special offer has been such a hit, we will continue with the special purchase bonus: buy 2 at regular price and get the 3rd for half price... Buy 5 at regular price, get the 6th one for FREE. (3rd or 6th plant must be of equal value) plus shipping & handling for total number of plants. Specials only apply on regular varieties not the rare & limited ones. Instructions for growing plants included with orders.

Valid for mail-order and nursery sales only (Limit 1 special, per order). Offer void on all rare and very limited plants.

"Banana Blend" 6-2-12 ( fertilizer) is available at the nursery only and works like magic on the plants when used monthly.